Daddy's got to go film some more propaganda, sonThe U.S. military must be in worse shape than we thought. Once content to harvest recruits from the ranks of the criminal, drug-addicted, and borderline retarded, they then moved on to calling up sad Southern muppets and asking them to serve. Now that our President has called an indefinite halt to post-July troop withdrawals from Iraq, America's children might want to take a second look at this creepy Sesame Street video in order to find out why Elmo's dad still can't come home.

You see, children, Elmo's daddy had to go away for a while to go help some people. But he's around other grownups who will help him do his job and watch out for him, until he gets hit with an IED and returns home in 2011 with no legs and no veteran's benefits and ends up living under a bridge with Oscar the Grouch.

Elmo's Dad Gets Sent to Iraq [Strollerderby]


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