George W. Bush's Kwanzaa War On Christmas

Have a Kwazy Kwanzaa! - WonketteWhatever Kwanzaa is, most experts say it's definitely not about worshiping the little white baby in the snowy forest who grows up to be a crucified guy in Judea. That's why god-fearing Americans are understandably furious that the supposedly-Born Again president thinks it's just fine to also worship whatever Kwanzaa worships -- probably pagan African things, or Islam!

"During the seven days of Kwanzaa leading up to the New Year, friends and family come together in a spirit of love and joy to honor their rich African heritage, reflect on the Seven Principles and give thanks for the blessings of freedom and opportunity," Bush allegedly said today in a statement written by somebody else. Kwanzaa was made up just 40 years ago, which Christians argue makes it bogus, as Christianity was made up like 1,600 years ago and is legit.

President Bush's Kwanzaa message [AP]


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