George W. Sheehan

* The Senate passed the energy bill, but whether it can pass the House depends on if the new millage restrictions are anti-American enough. [WP, NYT]

* Dick Cheney: Inexplicably both Congress and executive orders since 2003. [WP, NYT]

* John Edwasrds got where he is today thanks to the poverty of other people, much like every other millionaire. [NYT]

* Bradley J. Schlozman's bold anti-women and minorities stance as head of the Justice Department's civil rights division seems to have upset Ted Kennedy. High five, Brad! [WP]

* Cheney would like to keep Gitmo open forever and ever, obvs. We're expected to believe that Bush would like to shut it down, though, and, presumably, then have himself impeached and tried for war crimes. Honestly. [WP]


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