George Washington Will Warblog, Correct Liberal History


TheCoward-King of Virginia, Wingnut George Washington, has returned to his computer, for warfare. He is taking our attack seriously, at his own peril:

Dear Jim Newell,

As to your second comment, neither George Washington nor I murdered King George III.

Please check your history.

In fact if you watch the HBO Film Series on John Adams, (that I was given by the Virginia Tourism Corporation for marching with them as George Washington in the Governor McDonnell Inaugural Parade), you can watch John Adams present himself to King George III as the American Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.

Not that HBO is the final word on history, but I thought you might enjoy that approach to learning history.

As to the not allowing readers to comment, I just set up the blog on Google Blogger, I will check the settings. I thought that comments accepted was the default.

I did not set up an automated No-Wonkette writers screening filter... promise!

Don't know what you are trying to say with your line:

But now it's just more of the same.

Please explain.


Anyway, thanks for the Laugh Out Loud from Alex_P and other Wonkettes in regard to George Washington and his support of good folks signing the Mount Vernon Statement to Conserve this Constitution.

By the way, on the site, did you see that George Washington's aide shaking hands with President Reagan at CPAC '83?

Did you watch any of the videos? A man in Utah who got the link did, though he let me know one of the videos was marked private, kinda like you have done about the comment feature.

Thanks for writing.

For God, Country, Constitution & Liberty,

"George Washington"

(In the original e-mail he wanted us to watch some videos of him or Ronald Reagan or whatever. Obviously this task was delegated to Intern Riley, who never does anything. ONE OF THESE DAYS, INTERN RILEY!)

ANYWAY, then came another e-mail:

Dear Mr. Newell,

After replying to your email, I found 3 Anonymous "comments". This is one.

Is this the sort of commentary that typifies many of your Wonkettes?

I hope not.

If I can avoid it, profanity will NOT be posted. This one will be rejected.

Reasonable, even if not "Fair and Balanced" will be posted.

Thanks again.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Anonymous

> Date: March 1, 2010 4:23:52 PM EST

> To:

> Subject: [Mount Vernon Statement of Statesmanship] New comment on Wonkette of DC photographer took shot set up by "G....


> Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wonkette of DC photographer took shot set up by "G...":


> Haha punkass, reveal the comments after all we got yer hits up higher than you ever fucking dreamed, you pathetic douche doggie you!

Ha ha ha.

The comment thread is starting to get Warry!

[George Washington's blogspot]


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