George Will Warns of Coming Kander & Ebb-scored Nazi Menace

Only George Will can save us from musical theater - WonketteGeorge Will, the original bowtied conservative prick, uses his column today to predict that David Petraeus' forthcoming report on the state of the Iraq War will lead to something he calls "a Weimar moment." He refers to Germany between World Wars I and II, when the freewheelin' liberal democratic government was undermined by the feelings of the people that the nation had been betrayed by their leaders. The Germans knew they were just one Surge away from winning The Great War, and to prove it they elected Hitler to kill all the gays and Jews and win them a second, Greater War. Will is pretty sure this will happen once General Petraeus tells Congress that we are kind of winning in Iraq next month.

What this means for you:

* Hyperinflation. Invest in wheelbarrows, barrels.

* Fresh for Fall: Makeup, fishnets, tights. Basically former High School goths and theater kids will be at an advantage.

* Are you ambiguously gendered? Vaguely androgynous? Good news: you'll enjoy the good life until you're beaten by young thugs.

* Stay away from parliamentary buildings for a while.

What September Won't Settle [WP]


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