George Zimmerman Thoughtfully Offers Other Semi-Famous People A Chance To Punch Him In The Face Repeatedly


You guys, we're beginning to think that George Zimmerman might be the tiniest bit attention whore-y. There's the whole "look at me! I am making Provocative Paintings" thing and now Georgie Boy has clawed his way back into the public eye by telling god and all comers that he'd like to do a celebrity boxing match with all proceeds going to charity.

George Zimmerman has announced he's putting up his dukes for a celebrity boxing match — one that still needs an opponent.

"It was my idea," the heavyweight gunslinger told Radar Online of his upcoming plans orchestrated by former professional boxer Damon Feldman.

Of course it was your idea, George, because you are a shitty person with terrible ideas. The inevitable question, of course: will he fight a black person?

We're told George is open to fighting a black person, but the promoter is not discriminating, telling us "We're not looking at it as a race thing ... We haven't discussed purple, yellow, white, black."

Yeah, but what about unarmed black teenagers? Is he open to fighting those, because that seems to be his best talent. Also, is there a requirement that when you make that obligatory nonsense statement about how you love all colors (or its kissing cousin, the "I see no colors") speech, you always have to include a color that people never actually are, like green or purple?



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