At some point after George Zimmerman moved out of the house that he had lived in with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Shellie, he (ALLEGEDLY!) came back and left behind a bullet-riddled shooting range target nailed to one wall of the living room. While lacking the handcrafted artisanal Crazy of the knife-pierced valentine Mia Farrow gave Woody Allen, it seems like it may have been a message of some kind, but who knows? As with everything else involving George Zimmerman, there is almost certainly an explanation that turns him into the real victim.

Shellie Zimmerman submitted photos of the thing to her attorney, who gave it to the Lake Mary, Florida, police, according to Radar Online, citing a "source with intimate knowledge of the situation," who told the breathless gossip site:

“This is the photo that Shellie sent to her lawyer and said, ‘Look at the subliminal message George left me,’ following their showdown in September ... What else could a bullet-riddled marksman’s target mean?”

According to the source, George Zimmerman had been the last person inside the house, and Shellie Zimmerman said that the paper target, with 17 holes in it, had not been in the house at the time of the September 9 domestic dispute between the two. That fight led to the police being called, but no arrest or charges. The source told Radar:

“Shellie’s mother went over to the home -- she owns it with her husband -- immediately after George moved out,” a source said.

"As she has reported to police, some of the items in the home were taken, including furniture, and it was trashed. She did not know by whom, but of course the family suspects George.

“At the time, Shellie was in New York, appearing on the TODAY show.

“What Shellie’s mom didn’t notice was the target. Then, when Shellie got home, she went over to the house and discovered the target with bullet holes in various quadrants.

“There it was… tacked up on the wall of their home office, right between the garage and the kitchen where the domestic incident took place.”

Wonkette would like to point out that while Radar has photos of the target, the other allegations have not been confirmed. Also, we must emphasize that George Zimmerman is the kindest warmest bravest most wonderful human being that many gun fondlers have never met, but feel a deep kinship with. There is probably a perfectly rational explanation for the target's presence, most likely involving a UN hit team inserted under a media blackout to defame George Zimmerman and prepare the way for a wholesale seizure of all Americans' guns. Or maybe he just planned to do some surveying in the living room.

Patriots are advised to completely freak the fuck out as soon as they receive an email about this latest false-flag attack on Liberty, and to take immediate action such as buying another gun or going on Twitter to tell others to buy guns and ignore the lamestream media.


Doktor Zoom

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