George Zimmerman's Brother Somehow The Non-Crazy Person In Fox News Interview


Shortly after Barack Obamaspoke Friday about the Trayvon Martin killing, Fox News anchor creature Jamie Colby interviewed George Zimmerman's brother, Robert, and tried her hardest to goad him into making one of his trademark wackaloon remarks about race facts or how maybe Trayvon was trying to buy guns and pot the night he died. Instead, Colby seems to have encountered a Robert Zimmerman who we'll suspect has gotten a talking-to, maybe from a media consultant, because while there are hints of the clueless dickery we've come to expect from this guy, he mostly managed to resist Colby's repeated attempts to get him to say something outrageous. Or maybe Colby just called the wrong Robert Zimmerman, and the guy she was talking to was about to launch into "Subterranean Homesick Blues."

Lord knows Colby tries, she really does, right from the get-go. Were you surprised? Isn't it shocking that "with everything else going on in the world" the President somehow thought the American people would want to hear him talk about this insignificant local news story that Fox News has been covering so obsessively that we had you on speed-dial, Robert Zimmerman?

And throughout, Zimmerman keeps saying stuff about how he's glad the president added his two cents and made some good points and we need "teachable moments." Why, Zimmerman even seems to think that it's OK that the president called for race war "soul searching" over the case. There's a clueless moment when Zimmerman sorta wishes that the president would talk about Helping All The Little Children and "promoting a colorblind America;" Colby pounces on that one with a gleam in her eye:

You're going a step further than the president did; he only talked about the African-American youth. ... [S]hould he have broadened it out to say that he would like us to soul search about all kids in America and the opportunities they may not be getting?

Exactly, Fox News Anchorbeast Jamie Colby! Why can't we have a president who is as thoughtful and inclusive as this gentleman whose name we only know because his brother shot a 17-year-old?

Even with an opening like that, Zimmerman simply said that he thought "the president was speaking off-the-cuff and I think he was very sincere in his remarks." And then he actually said we shouldn't get "bogged down in politics."

Does the man even know what network he's talking to?

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Doktor Zoom

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