Georgetown Law Students Confused By Thought Experiment, Report Pretend John Roberts' Retirement To Hollywood Gossip Website


Whew!So why did that dopey "Radar Online" website claim for a half-hour today that John Roberts was quitting the Supreme Court? Some first-year law student half heard the professor say something about John Roberts retiring for "health reasons," didn't realize it was part of a class exercise "on the validity of informants not explaining their sources," and emailed the HAWT GOSSIP to the first thing that came to mind, a shitty Hollywood gossip site. And you wonder why lawyers are so fucking stupid.

Former Wonkette editor David Lat passes on this Eyewitness Report from the classroom:

Today’s class was partially on the validity of informants not explaining their sources. [Professor Tague] started off class at around 9 am EST by telling us not to tell anyone, but that we might find it interesting that tomorrow, Roberts would be announcing his retirement for health concerns. He refused to tell anyone how he knew. Then, at around 9:30, he let everyone in on the joke.

Everything about this is AWESOME, especially this picture we're going to use again, from the Wonkette Vault:

It's fun to stay at the Y M C A

FINAL AWESOME POINT: Lat's law blog actually contacted people who work at the Supreme Court to see if there was anything to this, and a "source noted that JGR would sooner die — literally — than give Obama the chance to appoint his successor." So transparently partisan! Hooray for SCOTUS!


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