Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Tries To Alienate Even More Voters With His Fancy Book Learning


We're beginning to wonder exactly who the GOP sees as its base any longer. We know it isn't the blah people or those immigrant-y brown people or gay people or effete latte-drinking Subaru-driving liberals. Given the cock-gobbling the Republican elite gave rustic Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after he got all racist homophobe, we figured they were going for the down-home crowd kinda thing. Unvarnished rural everyman, basically. Except oh here comes GOPer David Perdue, odds-on favorite to win Georgia's open Senate seat this year, to explain how his opponent, high school graduate Karen Handel, is just probably not smart enough to understand the issues in the election because she did not go to college like David Perdue did.

Perdue speaking in Bibb County in January about how his educational experience compares to former Secretary of State Karen Handel’s:

“I mean, there’s a high school graduate in this race, OK? I’m sorry, but these issues are so much broader, so complex. There’s only one candidate in this race that’s ever lived outside the United States. How can you bring value to a debate about the economy unless you have any understanding about the free enterprise system and how — what it takes to compete in the global economy?"

That sure sounds like Mr. Perdue is saying that only some o' them coastal elites should run the country, which we know is not God's way.

You will be unsurprised to learn that Karen Handel -- who counts among her endorsements fifth-college-time-is-the-charm grifterbilly Sarah Palin -- is unhappy about this characterization of her skills and had one of her minions fire something off.

“It is disappointing that David would demean someone who -- by no fault of her own -- moved out of an abusive home at age 17, and with her own hard work and determination, is the embodiment of the American Dream. [...]

“While David boasts about all the time he spent living in Europe and Asia, and all of the millions of dollars he intends to spend on this race, this election is about who conservatives can relate to and trust to get results in the United States Senate.”

Let's not forget that Karen Handel also had the invaluable experience of being ignominiously shoved out of breast cancer fundraiser juggernaut Susan G. Komen for trying to strip Planned Parenthood of breast cancer screening money. Oh, THAT Karen Handel!

On top of all that, Georgia Tea Party types like Julianne Thompson are super mad at Perdue for suggesting that a college edumacation is necessary for anything because the Bible tells them so.

"I assume Mr. Perdue is a person of faith, so I am sure he is familiar with the Book of Samuel -- and if not, I suggest he read it.

Thompson noted that Samuel, "tells what a mighty God and a great nation can do with a humble person who has a servant's heart, a person underestimated by family, a person with no formal training, but yet a person who took a small stone, slayed an arrogant giant, and went on to become King."

Excellent point. Perhaps Ms. Thompson can get back to us when "giant-slaying" is an actual qualification for public office in America. For now, we'll just sit back and watch the GOP try to figure out who the hell they want to pander to next.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Breitbart]


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