Heritage is very very important to some people. No matter how disgraceful their ancestors may be, we all know those Germans Southerners who fly the Nazi Confederate flag in honor of long-dead grand-pappys who fought for the Third Reich Confederacy. And we all know that those folks don't hate any particular people, but are just proud that their blood relatives fought for God and country, right?

Well, folks in Georgia will now be able to find one more way to be totally not racist at all, and have that there license plate hanging from their pick-up truck, a perfect companion to rusted chewing tobacco cans and TruckNutz. Because nothing says class like desperately hanging on the the memory of fighting for the rights of people to own human beings based upon their skin color, amirite? 

As reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have had custom license plates before, featuring the square symbol of its organization... with the St. Andrews flag spanning the plate, that just won state Department of Revenue approval on Feb 1.

Just because those that fought under this flag were fighting for the cause of enslaving a race of people should be no reason whatsoever for anyone to be offended. We can't think of any reason at all. Except perhaps that the War of Northern Aggression was the only one where the military has actually bled for the Constitution. Not the Confederates -- they were actually traitors to the Constitution, seeking to tear the country apart. But being pro-slavery traitors is no reason not to celebrate them, right?

In an interesting twist, this wasn't the original idea that the SCV came up with:

The design for the new plate previously submitted by the SCV also featured the carving on Stone Mountain, the largest Confederate monument in existence; however, Silver Dollar City which has leased the Park from the state of Georgia claims to have the carving trademarked and refuses to allow other entities to use it. At present, the Sons of Confederate Veterans has challenged the right of any private corporation to trademark a symbol which belongs to the people and state of Georgia and is considering further action to void the trademark claim of Silver Dollar City; but the new alternate license plate design was submitted by the SCV so as not to delay its production.

Sucks when the largest monument to the losing side of a war belongs to a corporation. Will there be a SVC v. Silver Dollar City lawsuit to determine who owns the rights to the Stone Mountain image? If so, is there a way for everyone to lose, because that's what we want.

Oh, and if any heritage-minded person decides to buy the license plate:

Ten dollars from each plate ordered will go to the Georgia chapter of the SCV, “to promote Southern Heritage through educational activities and preservation efforts around the state.”

Hooray. Let's ensure that more money goes to the SCV, because we hear there is a desperate need to preserve Southern Heritage around Georgia.

Perhaps the SCV can use the funds they raise to preserve the memory of Southerner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and help build a statue to him on the Capitol grounds. We are sure that this is what they intend to do, and would be shocked if they did not jump at this opportunity to preserve such an important part of Georgia history.

[Atlanta Journal Constitution]

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