Georgians Apparently Not Proud of Their Best Export Since The B-52's

Georgia is apparently embarrassed that a major Atlanta road is named after former Representative Cynthia McKinney, America's Most Respected Congresswoman. Some state lawmaker is lobbying to change it, which we'd support only if they changed it to "Professor Griff Road" or "The Tupac Memorial Highway."

There's been talk on a federal level of restricting the naming of buildings to people who are already dead and thus can't fuck things up too badly for themselves, but then we'd be denied the distinct pleasure of taking the Jimmy Carter Bridge to Dick Armey Island when we need to get to the Harriet Miers Medical Center.

And on a state level, no one bothers to police these things -- that's how we ended up with the newly renamed state of West Byrdginia.

What we're getting at is we'd feel much less embarrassed driving the McKinney Parkway than we do flying out of Reagan.

Naming Things After Pols Can Be Risky [AP via Newsday]


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