To review the deranged mindfuck that is the Congressional race for the seat that Tom DeLay just vacated: DeLay won the primary, then quit, then said he lived in Virginia, but the local Democrats demand that he be left on the ballot, and the courts agreed, but DeLay is refusing to run, and the Republicans are trying to get a write-in candidate, but DeLay will still be on the ballot, but OW OW OW MY BRAIN.

Anyway, the NYT latest has this little tidbit:

The lawyer who argued the Republicans' case, James Bopp Jr., said Tuesday that there might still be ways to keep Mr. DeLay off the ballot. For instance, Mr. Bopp said in a telephone interview, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican, could appoint or nominate Mr. DeLay to another office, making him ineligible to serve in Congress.

Now, I'm not a fancy lawyer named "Bopp," but I'm pretty sure that there's no office in the land that you can hold that would make you ineligible to run for Congress, which would sort be the point of the exercise. Still, let's make a list of potential jobs that Perry could appoint DeLay to so as to keep his filthy name from sullying the Texas ballot:

  • Prison snitch
  • Sugar Land head pimp
  • Senator

Join in, everyone, it's fun!

DeLay Rules Out Campaign for His Former House Seat [NYT]


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