Get Barry Fifty Nicotine Patches Right Now, Or He's Gonna Lose It

Never in his life has Barack Obama needed a cigarette more. What with Tony Rezko being on trial, his advisers telling Canada that his NAFTA support is a lie, and the media asking him questions about all of this stuff, Barry is getting mighty testy and could sob any minute. Is Barack the new Hillary? The evidence is leaning that way today, as he too is chiding the media for being mean to him.

He spoke with reporters in Texas today, testily, and asked why they would listen to anything Hillary Clinton says:

"Look, they have run a pretty negative campaign over the last several weeks," he said. "I have said we would do things differently. I am not going to do things I am not comfortable with. I want to make sure we stay focused on the issues.

"I am a little surprised that all the complaining about the refs has actually worked as well as it has for them," he added. "This whole spin that the press is being so tough of them and not tough on us. I just didn't expect you guys would bite on that."

Aww, does baby miss being the pwecious media Messiah? Did it hurt when they turned on him in order to keep Hillary alive, because she sells more papers and hasn't yet been milked dry? Barry, we thought you had gotten over the whining after South Carolina. It's not beneath you to answer dumb questions. Just smile pretty and she'll be gone soon.

Obama chides press, talks expectations, looks ahead [Ben Smith]


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