Get Blitzed With Rudy

It is apparently "National House Party Night" and what better way to celebrate than with a kegger in support of that champion of alternative lifestyles, Rudy Giuliani? We learned about this morning at the Calitolist, that anonymous message board for hill staffers. It might be a joke but they promise a live webcast from "a presidential candidate himself." Details after the jump.

Brews 4 Rudy!

Kegger at John Barnett's house tonight!

Clear your calendar for National House Party Night -- which, apparently, is tonight. Who knew?

And, this being D.C. and all, along with this particular keg comes a webcast from none other than a presidential candidate himself. We're in awe.

The 75 to 100 partygoers who make their way to the home of a stringent Rudy Giuliani supporter will also be provided with bottled beers to keep them entertained during the live webcast from America's Mayor.

Sadly, guests are being advised not to crush beer cans on their head, no matter how fanatically they support Giuliani's bid for the White House.

The fratty keg party -- with its inescapable homoerotic undertones and ever-present threat of eventual violence -- is indeed the perfect venue to pledge your support to America's Mayor. We hope to see you there.

Brews 4 Rudy [Capitolist]


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