Get Ready For Sexy Teabag Parties Round The Clock And Coast To Coast!


Ladies and gentlemans the day has finally arrived! Paultards and Birthers and "Don't Tax Me Bro"s and even the reclusiveSantelliosos shall gather, in our nation's capital and in other godforsaken places such as central Texas, to register their frustration with whatever the fuck. Our own Ginger Terror, Jim Newell, will be on the ground somewhere in DC trying not to get murdered. Boston Buddy Garrett Quinn promises updates from the place in Massachusetts where the actual tea party happened a million years ago, while commenter InsidiousTuna sends hot pixxx 'n' updates from Waco to and ShortsandPants, which maybe we will link to or STEAL. Are YOU going to one of these important protest events today? Please to send poetry, video, bags of tea, and photographs to We will probably ignore them. Photo via Shady Grove Metro Operative "Ethan."


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