Get Ready To Get Down At Some Gay Weddings At Mitt Romney's House!
This Thursday, Mitt Romney's unlikable, Bill Clinton's talking some awkward talk, and Barack Obama is making money. This is news?

  • Unlike Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney is a terrible neighbor. Somehow he is gentrifying his already rich neighborhood and alienating his gay neighbors. He clearly needs to throw a huge, weird party with celebrities and funny people and fun drugs, like truffle oil! So basically, the presidential campaign equivalent of a White House Correspondents' Dinner. [The New York Times]
  • Speaking of Bill, he is KILLING IT as he campaigns for the president! And by killing it, we mean he is doing a weird, clunky job of it. What happened to bringing the heat, man? [Slate]
  • Speaking of President Obama, he raised a lot of campaign funds after endorsing gay marriage. So here is the gay agenda: "We want to get married!" And here is our gay agenda: "I want to go to a gay wedding so I can show off my sweet dance moves without shame!" What? Just us? Okay. [The Daily Beast]
  • Speaking of bad dance moves, let's talk about tree-huggers and environmental protesters for one second. Go do some actual good instead of nagging us to death about leaving the lights on when we leave a room. This goes for you too, vegans and most of the characters on Portlandia. [Grist]

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