Get Ready To Watch Lots of Boring Fred Thompson Acting Clips

One difference between St. Ronald Reagan and Hollywood Fred Thompson is that Thompson can actually act like a scary demagogic race-baiter southern politician, as you can see in this clip from the comedy classic "Fletch." If there was, say, a libtard version of Fox News, this clip would be running pretty much nonstop.

Uh oh, but WAIT! He is holding a mirror at the handsome young actors pretending to be rednecks working in John Edwards' dad's textile mill. Let's see, then Fred's character goes down the list of alleged enemies of the Mill Workers -- Jews, Asians, Liberals, Leftists, Bankers, etc. -- but then says everything is really the fault of the rednecks (wild applause from the rednecks) and then he asks, "How do we get to the new Garden of Eden?" Well, we can't figure out what the fuck this is about, and we sure aren't sitting through two hours of this to find out.

Something about "pure blood." This is as confusing and hopeless as Fred Thompson's actual campaign.

Anyway, if by some ridiculous magic Fred Thompson get the nomination, all of your libtard friends will be sending you this video clip every day until 2009, so get used to it.

Fred Thompson Acceptance Speech? [YouTube]


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