Get Rid Of Ray Rice Jerseys, Get Cool Free Stuff Like Pizza And Beer

Now that the disgraced Ravensf'ball star has been fired, several restaurants in Baltimore are doing their part to help recycle now-unwanted Ray Rice paraphernalia. We think that the owners of Hersh's Pizza and Drinks have the right idea:

We're pretty sure that's not actually all that good for the sewer lines, but the sentiment is in the right place. A later Facebook post added that for each jersey patrons bring in, Hersh's would also donate $2.70 to Maryland's House of Ruth, a domestic violence shelter and resource center (symbolism, you know, since Rice's jersey number was 27).

Hersh's, co-owned by siblings Stephanie and Josh Hershkovitz, started the promotion Monday after the release of a video showing Rice punching Janay Palmer unconscious. Ms. Hershkovitz said that they hoped to turn “something disgusting into something positive, like pizza.”

In addition to Hersh's offer, the No Idea Taverntweeted a similar offer:

"Anyone who surrenders their Ray Rice jerseys at the bar will receive a $10 bar tab. No. Questions. Asked."

And just because they are pretty darn cool, No Idea Tavern followed up and said they too will donate $2.70 per jersey to House of Ruth, crediting "our neighbor @HershsPizza" for the idea. Nice to see peer pressure used for good for a change.

[Baltimore Sun / House of Ruth]

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