Get Smart: Dems Dumb?

Someone has spent a lot of time debunking a chart that didn't seem that convincing to begin with: purported to show that states that went Democratic in 2000 have a higher average I.Q. But the logic of our debunker is flawless. . .

    [A]nyone familiar with the topic would quickly recognize the fallaciousness of the data. The 113 figure for Connecticut is way too high. That's about what Connecticut would be if it was all-Jewish. It's not.
And there's apparently no state-level I.Q. data out there to begin with. That this hoax could get busted so easily itself suggests that the Dems are dim. After all, the real test of intentionally misleading data is that you're able to base foreign policy on it.

"States with higher IQ vote Democrat" [iSteve via Hit and Run]


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