Get That Sunny Alaskan Tan, All Year Round!


  • Palin had a tanning bed installed in the Alaska's governor's mansion. She could see Russia from that tanning bed. [Ezra Klein]
  • Look into Barack Obama's very soul with a theocrat/secularist ass thermometer that also appears to be a hypnosis device. [BeliefNet]
  • Palin is trying to get some hockey moms to wear a button that features this nautical star thing popular with emo heroin addicts. [Jonathan Martin]
  • Despite "not wanting to judge" gay people, Palin's church has a history of trying to "cure" gay people, with Jesus! [Andrew Sullivan]
  • In a new teevee commercial, Obama exposes McCain's corrupt secret handshakes with lobbying fatcats like President Bush. [Crooks and Liars]
  • Bored out of her mind, Cindy McCain begins public ladyfeud with the mental cases on The View, even the weepy conservative one! [Fresh Intelligence]

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