Get Used To Feeling Outraged

  • Barack Obama has been president for two whole months and he has yet to completely reverse the terrorism-related legal precedents set by the Bush administration. Pokey, pokey! [Bloomberg]
  • Financial news shocker: AIG paid lots of hot dollars to the very executives from the very division that lost billions on credit default swaps. [Bloomberg]
  • A secret report written by the International Committee of the Red Cross details the many horrible ways in which "high-value" Guantanamo detainees were abused in the prison. [Washington Post]
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner would like to accelerate the pace of regulatory overhaul, now that the horse has left the barn and all. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Minnesota will have a second senator someday, but probably not anytime soon. [The Hill]
  • With unemployment at a 25-year high, polls show that Americans are very worried about unemployment. [CNN]

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