Get Your Head in the Game

* Good news: fellatio workshop. Bad news: sold out. Plan ahead for next week. 8pm at the Felix, Organized by Moxie. [Moxie in the City]

* "Once the envy of the world, America's infrastructure is now badly compromised; we are at risk from public-health disasters, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Flynn, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a leading security expert, issues a call to action to prepare immediately for a safer future." Stephen Flynn will do some sort of promotional exercise for his book, Edge of Disaster. 7pm at Politics & Pros. [P&P]

* If you think they're singing about a girl, you'd be wrong. Reliant K at 930 club, doors whenever, probably early. [930 Club]

* Peter Eisner is a reporter and he will sign a book he wrote about something he forgot to mention before the war from 6-9pm at UDC Windows Lounge, Building 38. [dcimc]


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