Getting It Right For a Change

* "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to my lovely neighbors. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the full-blast top 40 radio playing all night long. Yes, the banging on the wall was my little way of telling you to 'crank that shit up'. No one sings a lullaby quite like Sean Paul. You know what else I love about you? Your screaming children. Temper tantrums and incessant running around are other sounds I love to attempt sleep to. They are special, those kids. Why, just the other day they told me they would call the police on me for smoking cigarettes. Aw. So precious." [Journey to Self-Improvement]

* "The DC Firefighters Association decided to fuck WASA's noise by checking the hydrants themselves. The results are hilarious. And by 'hilarious' I mean 'life threatening.'" [why.i.hate.dc]

* "Sometimes Exxon's gas stations are the most convenient, but we all need to remember that if we buy Exxon, we are buying into lies when we could buy from other companies that are working hard to provide us with eco-friendly alternatives and bring an end to global warming." [Converstaions With Mud]

* Four founders of the World Adult Kickball Association are suing the local kickball head honcho because they play games for money. "The complaint alleges that Rabasa's league, DCKickball, violated copyright law by using the same kickball rules that WAKA and every third grader since caveman times uses." [City Desk]

* "The thing about buying wine is that you're not drunk yet when you're doing it. This makes it rather difficult to grab whatever rot gut is cheapest and go on your merry way because your unaddled brain allows reason to cloud your judgment: 'If this bottle is only $2.95,' you say to yourself, 'there's a good likelihood it contains something I would rather not drink, like antifreeze. Or goat urine.'" [A Portable Snack]


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