An op-ed in the WP today looks at the legal merits of Robert Steinbuch's publicity stunt law suit against Jessica Culter (a.k.a. "The Washingtonienne"). There's apparently merit to the case, but only if you use doc's time machine to find a court in the previous century. Bemoaning how everyone is all concerned about free speech these days, the op-editor (one Andrew J. McClurg) sniffles that "Today's technology grants any person -- no matter how selfish, irresponsible or malicious -- the power to invade privacy globally, at almost no cost." And you thought the internet was only good for porn! Speaking of, McClurg goes on to warn that today's number one safe-sex query shouldn't be "Do you have a condom?" but "Do you have a computer?"

Well, that's one way to ruin the mood. (Uhm, also? Ouch.)

Online Lessons on Unprotected Sex [WP]


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