Getting Out the Youth Vote: A New Approach

subtle_like_puffy_himselfThe problem with most get-out-the-vote campaign slogans is that they are too subtle. "Rock the Vote" doesn't give you any idea of what consequences you might face should the vote fail to be rocked. And "Choose or Lose," while appearing to spell out a worst-case scenario, neglects to take into account that you might choose and lose (n.b. Florida 2000). And to judge by both of these slogans, you would think that you could not vote and still live. Not so, it turns out. According to the youth voter drive just launched by Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Puffy, the options are stark: "VOTE OR DIE."

See, those other slogans are just hypotheticals. This is a threat. Of course, it'd be more accurate to say, "Vote or I'll wave a gun in your face in a midtown nightclub," but that doesn't fit so well on a t-shirt. And it's not true, of course.

Seriously, best slogan ever. We're definitely voting now.

P. Diddy Launches Black, Youth Voter Drive [Reuters/Yahoo]

[Peter Morgan/Reuters]


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