Getting to Dulles Will Always Be a Bitch

* "The only reason this became public is that Marion Barry chose to make it public. And he chose to make it public in a quite hilarious way: Marion Barry, suspected and convicted scuzzball, tax evader, former crack user, erstwhile obtainer of oral sex in a crowded prison reception room, calls the elegant, sophisticated Tim Page, and I quote, a 'lowlife'." [Metroblogging DC]

* Metro racks up one hell of a credit card charge; Bush docks Fenty's allowance. [The Examiner]

* "I have one gold and one platinum record, but I've been told I would have more if it wasn't for piracy." [Washington City Paper]

* When did city-wide corruption become so expensive? [WP]

* "When posters appeared on the GW campus early last month bearing the message, "Hate Muslims? So Do We!", some people laughed, others got offended, and the university got a ton of media coverage unrelated to its exhorbitant tuition. Today the GW Hatchet reports that the students responsible for the posters have each received a $25 fine and probation." [DCist]


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