Gingrich Considers Suing Twitter For Ruining His Perfect Reputation


One of Washington's"most influential Twitterers," Newt Gingrich, and a failed RNC chair candidate, Saul Anuzis, are threatening to sue their favorite web-based application after noticing that one of its popular features can easily be abused to humiliate them. A pro-Employee Free Choice Act twat called "EFCANOW" has been tagging Gingrich and Anuzis to make them look like supporters of EFCA -- they aren't -- which then alerts Gingrich's 238,000 and Anuzis' 8,000 followers to the EFCA's message. Now they want to SUE because this is a LIE, on Twitter. This is hilarious. All of you active twats out there should follow Jason Linkins' example and tag Gingrich with terrible things. "Join @newtgingrich for Nazi-themed gay child rape party @ his mom's house," etc. [The Hill, Huffington Post]


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