Gingrich Super PAC Head Rick Tyler: Democratic Party Aborts Black Babies


Rick Tyler, Newt Gingrich's former communications director and now the head of his super PAC Bloviating About Our Future, had/created a terrible time on MSNBC following Tuesday's primary in Florida. Rachel Maddow had Tyler on during her primary coverage to talk about whether Gingrich's superbly negative Florida not-victory speech was using "racially coded language" to try to "appeal to Southern white conservatives." Maddow said she personally thought Gingrich was using language "designed to call on resentment of African American achievement in this country." Tyler immediately accused MNSBC of "race baiting" and then launched into an insane analysis of how the Democrats have failed African Americans. The subtext was that Democrats are racist because they support abortion. EH?

The nugget of Tyler's remarks:

...the Democrats have failed in the public schools with the African Americans, they abort their babies, they've done nothing to lift them out of poverty.

Santorum? Is that you? When Tyler defended Gingrich's remarks that Obama is the "food stamp president," post-primary opiner Al Sharpton responded by saying that there were more new food stamp applications under W. than Obama. Also, GLOBAL RECESSION HELLOOOOOOOO. When asked to explain what Republican principles have actually helped lift people out of poverty, Tyler admits that, well, there haven't been any, but remember Abraham Lincoln? He was a Republican. And also, Gingrich HAS some principles that will lift people out of poverty! Basically he is the first one since Lincoln, if you would just give him a chance!

Maybe we have good intentions too, but our policies haven’t been tried…Maybe we should try our policies, that put people back to work and not ... give them a handout, tell them to live in public housing, shut up, collect a check and vote for Democrats...

No word yet on what those policies actually are, despite Maddow's, Sharpton's and Lawrence O'Donnell's endless attempts to get Tyler to explain them. Tyler's basic gist: EVERYONE SUCKS EXCEPT WE, WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING.

As Tyler and Sharpton escalated to the point where it became really difficult to detect actual English words, Tyler then brought George Lucas into it, just to strengthen his argument, saying that African Americans didn't have "any" role models until the movie Red Tails (which is about the Tuskegee Airmen).

"They have many," said Sharpton. "They have doctors, they have lawyers. We have many role models."

"Sure they do, but Hollywood doesn’t show that." WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH NEWT? Is Team Newt really trying to somehow take credit for knowledge of the existence of Red Tails, just because he and George Lucas are both sort of cuddly and like space???

So what, for what couldn't possibly be the last time, but should be, is THE NEWT DEAL? Nobody knows, which is really fine, come to think of it, shhhhh. [Salon]


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