Gingrich Wants Teabaggers To Rise Up & Smash the System

Gingrich Wants Teabaggers To Rise Up & Smash the System

  • Swollen has-been and serial divorcer Newt Gingrich took a break from drooling on his Easter candies to tell a small crowd of wingnuts in York, Pennsylvania, that teabaggers will be useful as the "militant wing of the Republican Party." Why does he want these nice old white ladies to turn away from their forwarded emails about Kenyan Socialists and actually lead a violent revolution? [TPM/York Dispatch]
  • After witnessing a thrilling American-style nationally televised political debate, the British are so excited about Labour, the Conservatives and that other party. Which of the Queen's servants shall lead Britain to whatever national shame comes next? [BBC News]

  • Remember that pickup-driving confederate hero who learned everything he needed to know about the dirty muslins from the 9/11 news program? Some kind of Navajo Codetalkers figured out his license plate was a secret psalm to Adolf Hitler .... and Virginia, of all states, seized his personalized Hitler plates! [Associated Press/Gawker/Daily Press]

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