Gipperporn: Attended to by Dr. Rosenrosen

Wonkette's retro correspondent read this whine from Peggy Noon in yesterday's "[Reagan] was dying for years and the day came and somehow it came as a blow. Not a loss but a blow." Says our correspondent, "It totally reminded me of something, and then I figured it out. . . Fletch."

DR. DOLEN: Shame about Ed.

FLETCH: It was. Really a shame. To go so suddenly.

DR. DOLEN: Oh, he was dying for years.

FLETCH: Sure, but the end was so sudden.

DR. DOLEN: He was in intensive care for eight weeks!

FLETCH: Yes, but the very end, when he actually died--that was extremely sudden!

Oh, and by the way: Still dead. Developing. . .

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