Gipperporn: The Big Nap

A Wonkette judicial branch operative provides further proof that life on the Hill is like a big elementary school" (this is in addition to the temper tantrums and name-calling):

I just got word from one of my friends who is a Hill staffer that they will be allowed to cut in line to view Reagan's casket in the Rotunda. The House-wide email says that they'll be allowed to "merge" (i.e., cut) in line with the general masses who've been waiting in line for hours in the D.C. heat.

When I complained that executive branch workers (i.e., me) should be allowed first dibs on cutting, as Reagan served in my branch, not theirs, I was curtly told, "It's our party, not yours."

And if you don't like it, they'll take their corpse and go home! No, seriously: It's great that the staffers are going to be able to get to the casket quickly, because if they take too long to get there, he might not still be dead.

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