Girlie Men may get left out of dance

If you're looking to see Zelda in Boston, think again. State Senator Sheila "Jimmy" Kuehl and the rest of the gang of California legislators look like they will be eating their chow-duh out of Sourdough bowls, if at all.

Without a State Budget, members of California's legislature will stay in session and miss the Democratic National Convention in Boston...and they're not happy:

Some senators, instead of packing for Boston, found themselves sitting in a Capitol lounge holding a sing-along to a tape of the top 100 movie songs and eating pizza. The tape was provided by Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica), a former child actress.

The No. 1 movie song: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

"It's not quite hobnobbing at parties in Boston," Sen. Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles) said. "It's an exciting year for Democrats and a lot of us were looking forward to being there. Instead, we'll be sitting in a lounge having sing-alongs."

Of course, the Legislature could have, like, passed a budget on time, maybe? But they had other priorities...and it's not, like, the lights are going to go out or anything.


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