GirlsGoingAwayWithYourMoneyand/ The Farrah Ashline Story

So not only did Farrah Ashline take ladies' money and not provide them with a "social setting" while also "increasing female awareness, strengthening a girl’s mind, body, and spirit, and building life long friendships," she really screwed over the people who provided her with stuff that she was supposed to pay for. (It's a great business model, though, we're familiar with it ourselves.)

All this and yet she's a lousy liar! According to a tipster who applied for a job with Ashline, Ashline flaked on a meeting because "she had just sprained her wrist or something so she couldn’t meet with me." The sprained wrist routine! Like anyone believes that anymore. If you have an Ashline story to tell, we'd love to hear it --- as would Rachel Ludwig, who just informed the Craiglist world that she is "steps away from obtaining a bench warrant arrest for Farrah Ashline on two judgments awarded to me via the Fairfax County Court and the DC Superior Court. I would like to work together with other victims to stop the continuing fraudulent practices of Farrah Ashline, and all affiliated organizations."

You go, girl!

GirlsGoingOut and the Farrah Ashline Fraud Hotline [Craigslist]

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