GirlsGoingOutSoMuchTheyDon' (More Farrah!)

You know how non-prostitute and founder Farrah Ashline has been saying that she doesn't owe her former employees/writers money because they can't prove they did work for her? We're starting to think there's something to that argument, if only because there's strikingly little original content on the website. Well, it's original, just not to

    My name is Richard Samford, the webmaster of the Pittsburg State University Library web site. I'm contacting you to let you know that the material on one (or more) of your web pages has probably been plagiarized by a Washington D.C. based web site "GirlsGoingOut." I am finding so many plagiarized pages on this site, I've had to resort to a 'form letter'. . . Out of the 18 web sites I've located so far (and multiple instances from a few of these sites), I've yet to have anyone tell me that permission was given to use their material.

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