Gitmo Photo Exhibit, Giant Illustrations, German String Quartet

Gitmo Photo Exhibit, Giant Illustrations, German String Quartet
  • Christopher Sims' photographs of Guantanamo Bay are devoid of soldiers and prisoners. Rather, he captures objects and scenes of their everyday life: a Koran hangs from a fence, a drying Christmas tree is pushed to the corner of a room, an electronic menu board flashes the lunch specials. It's kind of depressing, but hopeful in the sense that one day, these things could become relics of a distant past. At Civilian Art Projects until March 14. [CAP]
  • "Here Today," an illustration exhibit featuring the large-scale works of artist Linn Meyers, feels obsessive and organic -- obsessive because her drawings are so painfully meticulous and precise, and organic because the shapes resemble topographic maps of draped fabric. At the University of Maryland Art Gallery, until March 13. [UMD]
  • Wednesday, March 11: How can DC go about creating a stronger arts community? Six of DC's art scene movers and shakers meet at the Flashpoint and discuss the issue (with your valuable input, of course). [Flashpoint]
  • Wednesday, March 11: The Leipzig String Quartet is playing at the Freer and Sackler Gallery for freez. 6:45 PM. [FSG]
  • Friday, March 13: Hooray! Someone is finally going to put the sculpture of the fat, bald, naked man into context. Local artist Zoe Charlton sheds some light on to the Hirschhorn's "Strange Bodies" exhibit. [Hirschhorn]

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