Giuliani Beating Romney In Poll Despite Not Running

Giuliani Beating Romney In Poll Despite Not Running

Poor Mittens. Rudy Giuliani is edging him out in a new CNN/Opinion Research poll, and Giuliani isn't even running! GOP voters sure are fickle. You'd think they could at least reward Romney just for politely telling everyone that he actuallywants to be president. The Mayor of 9/11 hasn't declared his candidacy and hasn't hired any staff, because, eh, the Obama guy is still probably going to run and who wants to try to beat that dude?

From CNN:

Giuliani, who was a candidate in the last presidential cycle, is also considering another bid, but an adviser tells CNN that the former New York City mayor is not taking active steps toward getting in the race other than making recent appearances in New Hampshire, which holds the first primary on the road to the White House.

CNN probably just included Giuliani in their poll to make Mittens feel bad. Giuliani still only got 16% of the vote, and Mittens was one point behind him. Aimless field trip queen Sarah Palin was third with only 13%. It's nice to know that you can be a cross-dressing, gay-people-loving, divorced Catholic guy who's totally suspect when it comes to conservative social issues, have no policy platform of any kind during one of the worst jobs crises in generations and you will stillbeat everyone else in the GOP primary field -- even when you're not running for the nomination.

Sad spherical life-form Newt Gingrich came in with 8% of the vote, only slightly ahead of "No One," who got 5%. [CNN]


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