Nosferatu.The problem with the Republican race for president, so far, is that there's just not enough of the "craven opportunist stunt candidate on the make who also has a dreadful personal life." Newt Gingrich just can't handle all of this by himself! And Donald Trump never needed the money. Is there somebody else kind of like Trump, in terms of being a sleazy New York gazillionaire who gets married every few years and also probably performs abortions for fun? Yes, there is Rudy Giuliani. There is always Rudy Giuliani. And according to noted Muslim-hater Peter King of the Anti-Muslim Kingdom of Long Island, Rudy didn't get shamed enough in 2008 so he might be coming back to lose big all over again.

The Christian Science Monitor opines:

Giuliani is a moderate, given that he is pro-choice and squishy on immigration, by GOP standards. That does not necessarily play well in strait-laced Iowa, the caucus state that kicks off the voting season. He might do better in New Hampshire, but Mitt Romney has a house there, was governor in next-door Massachusetts, and campaigns in the state almost full-time, which would spell trouble for Rudy.

Giuliani’s security credentials might play well when the primary season moves to the South, but last time around Southerners didn’t flock to the guy with the Noo Youck accent. Rudy based his whole campaign on doing well in Florida, and when he placed third, he dropped out of the race and endorsed another relative moderate with good security chops – John McCain.

John McCain's "good security chops" refer to his constant crashing of planes everywhere and also trying to let all of Mexico become U.S. citizens. [CSM]


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