Giuliani: Instead Of Getting Legal Representation For The Christmas Bomber, We Could Just Torture Him?


For-hire Olympic demigod Rudy Giuliani went on Larry King'sLarry King program to criticize Barack Obama for how terribly he has handled just about everything related to the Christmas bomber, but mostly for allowing this guy, Failed Nigerian Terrorist, to speak to a lawyer, an actual foundation of our entire criminal justice system. 

Giuliani goes: "I don't know the inside story. He was talking until he went out and got him a lawyer. You want to talk to this guy for a month. You want to keep him for a month or two get to get you the intelligence he is going give you." None of these very earnest implications are legal.

Oh and also, recall Obama waited three days before indicating—whilst in Hawaii no less—that attempting to blow up a commercial airliner is unacceptable and our government will be looking into it. SIMILARLY UNACCEPTABLE: "This something you react to immediately. Not after your vacation. The president of the United States, when there is a potential massive attack on the country, should have been on top of it immediately." Rudy Giuliani is so jealous!

[CNN Political Ticker]


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