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It's quite a marvel that, in the space of just a few short months, Peter Doocy, son of "Fox & Friends" co-host Steve Doocy, has so quickly replaced his father in the public mind as "the dumbest Doocy." But he has.

And the wonder boy did his job again for the American people yesterday during the White House press briefing, which airs live on WonkTV each and every day. All patriotic Americans, when they do something very dumb, instead of beating themselves up over it, are now able to simply laugh and say, "Boy I just dropped a real stinky Doocy there, didn't I?" and go about their days trying to do better.

The subject at hand was the eviction moratorium, which the CDC just extended in a narrower way, and more broadly, assistance for renters and landlords, for which there actually is a lot of money appropriated by Congress. It's just a matter of getting it to the states, and then to actual renters and landlords, and there have not been great results there. Surprise, the Mr. Wizard from Fox News was more worried about the landlords than he was about poor, struggling renters. (Who's going to sleep on the Capitol steps for the poor landlords, Fox News's Dana Perino wondered aloud this week?)

Here's how it went down:

DOOCY: There's been a major push here recently to protect tenants from being evicted right now, why isn't more being done to help the landlords who are struggling to pay their bills because they're not being paid?

Truly he asks the biggest softball questions in the room, not because he's not hostile, but because he's so dumb, and Jen Psaki is so ready for it. So she picked up her bat and swung.

PSAKI: Well actually the landlords can benefit from exactly the same emergency rental assistance that renters can benefit from.

DOOCY: Right now, as we understand it, many states are not distributing that money. The Washington Post says that this measure could drive thousands of minor landlords to bankruptcy.

Peter. You should know better. She's gonna get you. She always does.

PSAKI: Well that's exactly why — and I'm happy to have you as a partner in this effort —

Jen Psaki is happy to have Peter Doocy be her best little helper!

PSAKI: ... [W]e are trying to advocate for states, localities to get this money out. There's no reason it's not going out to landlords, to renters, no reason that people who are eligible are not benefiting, and we've seen a number of states – red states and blue states – do this very effectively. Texas, as an example I used yesterday, Virginia is one I highlighted today. This is why we're doing as much of this outreach and engagement as we're doing.

Who wants to be a good boy and help the Biden administration! Does Peter Doocy want to help? Peter Doocy can help!

Anyway, Dok has been explaining what-all's going on with the renters' and landlords' assistance and the eviction moratorium, so we shan't rehash it here. The point of this post is just to relax and realize that no matter how dumb your day is, at least you're not an idiot like Peter Doocy.

Today's Doocy smackdown airs at 1 p.m. ET, unless they change it, or unless something goes comically wrong this morning when Peter is trying to put on his pants one leg at a time, in which case he will be spending the day on his bedroom floor, we guess.

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