Glamorous Crowds Descend On Pepsi Center

Glamorous Crowds Descend On Pepsi Center

Your Wonkette Hallway Correspondent files this important update from the subartic climes outside the nosebleed ring of seats. Nobody famous is walking around this area, but that doesn't stop the doorway badge-checkers from fixing this editor with a look of deep suspicion as she blogs very quietly from a modest seated position on the floor and waits for her computer battery to charge. The scent of burnt popcorn is overwhelming. Is that a sign of brain cancer? Senility? The ghost of George Washington Carver? No, that is peanuts.

Yesterday people were just milling around very casually. Today there is a lot of purposeful striding, and the shoes are nicer. Another Hilltard conspiracy? When will an old lady trip over our crossed ankles and sue Wonkette out of existence for breaking her artificial hip? The only warm thing in the whole building is the laptop. Make the freezing go away, sweet laptop.


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