Beck Didn't Like It When Abraham Lincoln Supported Google Either


WE KNEW IT! That Google thought it could win over our trust by keeping secret about our favorite porn and about our weird health fears, but now it's gone too far: It's single-handedly taken down Glenn Beck's best bro, Hosni Mubarak. Look, this isn't a political thing. Glenn Beck didn't like it when Bing gave George Washington free ads for the slaves he was selling.

Glenn Beck heard you laughing and responded:

"That kind of paranoia is reserved for the left." Aww! It must be so maddening for him that there's some paranoia he can't exploit for ratings and money. He's really scraping the barrel these days.

Anyway, this man sitting on his kitchen counter is "cool" with Google "working closely with law enforcement," so they should just shut down and do that exclusively. FREE HOSNI, GOOGLE! [The Hill/YouTube]


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