Government-Funded Donald Duck Videos Smear Glenn Beck


Political pundits and other nerds often talk about "October Surprises." The best part about October Surprises is that they are surprisingly different each election cycle. (Sometimes the surprise is "Congressman Blah Blah is actually just a hologram, like 9/11 and Wolf Blitzer." Other years it is "Senator Blowhard likes dudes.") For instance, this year's surprise is "every single political ad in this country is funded by shadowy organizations/multinational corporations, SURPRISE!" But do you really think this is only true for political ads? Are you really that naive? Obviously you did not hear about how the federal government used stimulus money to fundGlenn Beck-Donald Duck MTV mashups on YouTube. Ha ha, this is what Glenn Beck claims, at least.

"If I'm not mistaken," Beck said, "some of these remix videos, it's very interesting, I believe, get federal funding."

In a little noticed comment on his October 3 show, Beck called the video some of the "best, well-made propaganda I have ever seen."

"We'll find out if it's been federally funded," Beck said, "you know, as part of the stimulus package."

[youtube expand=1]

We call on Eric Holder, the FEC, the IRS and Alex Jones to investigate this outrageous use of federal funds. This time they've gone too far. (By "they" we obviously mean "the unemployed nerds who make funny YouTube videos that are funded by the government.") [TPM]


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