Glenn Beck Launches Beatnik Wordplay Site

"Glenn Beck," a longtime collaborative performance art project run by a team of situationist pranksters, has moved into its next phase! Not content with posting dadaist nonsense on the URL -- so on the nose! -- the team acquired (the name refers to the power of flame to cleanse away man's attempt to impose rationality on the world) as a repository for their more experimental word-collage work. "Explicit Poetry GPS Phones Help Illegals!" the chief Glenn Beck creative directors shouted, as the writing staff snapped their fingers and rattled bongos.

Like any good postmodern creative collective, Glenn Beck spends a lot of time on self-referential material. Here is a list of all the stories on the front page of the site that are about TheBlaze, or Glenn Beck, or the live comedy show the troupe put on in Washington this past weekend!

  • "Glenn's Disgrace? Shocking Racism at Al Sharpton's MLK Anniversary"
  • "'Reclaim the Dream': Education Secretary Pressed Employees to Attend Sharpton Rally"
  • "A Message From Glenn"
  • "HuffPo Pulls Glenn Beck 'Sex Tape' Article"
  • "Black Robe Regiment: The Clergy of 8/28"
  • "NY Times Columnist on Beck: 'I Underestimated the Man'"
  • "The Children of 8/28"
  • "Slideshow: Newspaper Coverage of 8/28
  • "Kurtz Defends Beck: He's Not Like Al-Qaeda"

  • "In Memory of MLK: A Radical Leftist Agenda" ("Glenn Beck's rally avoided politics, but Rev. Al Sharpton's portrayed the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. dream as an extension of the Democratic Party")

Of course, an art group can't survive without patrons, and that's why community-minded organizations like Goldline and Dick Armey's grassroots FreedomWorks organization have stepped up to the plate, buying plenty of banner ads.

You will of course want to visit, but at the time of writing it's unavailable, due to an "Error establishing a database connection." Presumably the site has been overwhelmed with traffic due to America's abiding hunger for cutting-edge, nonlinear multimedia art. [The Greatest Website Ever Made]


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