Glenn Beck Never 'Endorsed' the Ground Zero Imam, No Matter What George Soros Tells You

Glenn Beck Never 'Endorsed' the Ground Zero Imam, No Matter What George Soros Tells You

The video historians at Media Matters for America got the attention of radical patriot Glenn Beck for spreading around a movie showing himshooting the shizz with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf -- the doom-force behind Manhattan's proposed Cordoba House not-mosque -- and teevee lady Diane Sawyer about why it's annoying how Islamic radicals get so danged worked up every time some cartoonist draws Muhammad doing a funny thing. In the video, recorded in 2006, Beck seems to agree with Rauf that not all Muslims are radical killer-Muslims, and even appears to gesture toward the imam as he talks about Good Muslims. But now that Beck is earning money by ranting about Rauf and his "ties," he is like, "I never endorsed that guy, so quit making things up." But is Beck making things up, by saying people are making things up?

Listen to MMFA's fancy tapes of Beck's radio program here, and if you can actually follow along with the polished media professional and his chucklehead pals just chucklin' away, shouting over and interrupting each other, you will discover that he never "endorsed" Rauf on anything. Also, powerful George Soros controls both MMFA and the content of their lie-filled videotapes, and Beck is open to dating Muslin guys:

Beck claims that he only gestured toward Rauf during that 2006 teevee interview when he said, "it is important for all of us to look evil in the eye and crush it":

Maybe Beck's eyeglasses are not just for managing his fragile eyesight, but also for looking evil in the eye and crushing it more effectively? Perhaps. At any rate, MMFA is calling bullshit, saying that Beck most definitely looked at and gestured towards Rauf when he talked about "good Muslims," just watch the tapes, there you go. [Media Matters for America]


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