Glenn Beck: Never Mind Saving America -- Defeat Donald Trump To Save Glenn Beck!

What about Glenn Beck's future, huh?

Deposed rightwing clown-king Glenn Beck has decided that the defeat of Donald Trump isn't merely a matter of saving America from a terrible incompetent would-be fascist; it's also a matter of protecting Glenn Beck's pathetic hide.

While Beck said Hillary Clinton's no prize, he warned his audience that voting against Clinton isn't sufficient reason to vote for Trump, because you'd end up with Trump, and that would RUIN Glenn Beck:

How do you put your name on Donald Trump? You have no idea what he will do [...] As an audience, are you okay with him coming after me and trying to put me out of business through Breitbart and everything else? Are you okay with him using the IRS to attack me and my business? Are you okay with that? Because if he’s president, I can guarantee you it’s going to happen.

Beck said he knows this to be true, because he knows Donald Trump is coming for him:

I know him. I know his history. He is the most vindictive man on the planet, and Steve Bannon has said, "Anybody who stands against us, I will fight to my last day to destroy them."

Is that okay with you? Because that’s the next hurdle you’re going to have to pass. Is it okay to use the instruments of power to go after your enemies?

Yes, this would be the same Glenn Beck who wanted Barack Obama to be impeached every other week. Wouldn't it be a terrible thing if Glenn Beck had to go into hiding from the teabagging mobs he spent all those years handing torches and pitchforks to (to say nothing of muskets), but who have since abandoned him?

To be sure, the Trump Inquisition against Glenn Beck and other wingnuts who betrayed Trump is a tempting prospect, but we're not fooled -- it's definitely not a good enough reason to let Trump have a chance at being president. Besides, after Trump takes care of Beck, he's coming for the leftyblogs, according to wingnut pastor Rick Wiles, who said on some End Times podcast,

I have to say this; I am having so much fun. I know our dear friends over at Right Wing Watch, the homosexual group that exists for the purpose of smearing God-fearing, righteous men and women who speak up for morality—that’s your purpose, you don’t have any other purpose other than to smear godly men and women—and I’m having so much fun watching Right Wing Watch as you guys get ready to go down [...]

But I just want the people of Right Wing Watch to know: It’s our God, Jesus Christ, who has turned the tables on you. God’s people are praying and fasting and the rats are being exposed and the rats are running for cover right now. And we’re going to put rats in prison. I said it weeks ago, when Trump wins, we have to crush the left. It has to be crushed.

On the up side, once the Trump Junta has secured the country, all the liberals, who are “dangerous,” “wicked” and “mentally ill,” will be sent to prison using the racketeering laws. But don't despair -- Wiles and his flock will come to visit us in God's Gulag, since the Bible tells them to bring the Gospel to those in prison, and maybe we'll get saved. Yay.

First, they came for Glenn Beck, and we just giggled, for we were not Glenn Beck...

[RightWingWatch / RightWingWatch]

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