Glenn Beck Pretty Sure That Joe Biden And Nancy Pelosi Will Holocaust Him Into Getting Tattoos


We're perpetually amazed that Glenn Beck has a national platform -- and a lot of money -- to say things that would sound weird and paranoid even if they came from one of those guys that walks around wearing a "The World is Ending" sandwich board. What was Glenn going on about yesterday? Oh, nothing really, except how he won't watch the hilariously awesome WHCD video that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were in, but he is pretty sure it is leading us all to concentration camps.

First there's some warmup that includes Glenn Beck talking in a weird Wicked Witch of the West type voice, and then he explains that he hasn't watched the video because only people who are blind, deaf, and dumb would find it hilarious and also too maybe people in Obama's administration. Then Glenn watches part of the video on his iPad so that his viewers will not be eye-murdered by seeing any part of it. After one of Glenn's minion mentions that the ACTUALLY FUCKING AWESOME Biden video shows Biden and Pelosi getting tattoos, Glenn is off and running.

“Why are they getting tattoos?” Beck asked. “Don’t they know that they’re the ones that are going to be running the camps? They don’t get the tattoos, they give the tattoos.”

Hmmm. You'd think if they were masterminding their evil concentration camp plan, they would actually know not to get tattoos because they were warming up the needles for old Glenn and company.

Glenn Beck, never one to rest on his Holocaust-invoking laurels, would also like you to know that going to the WHCD is just like being raped.

Finish it all off with some delusions of grandeur about his influence on Hollywood, and you have a Glenn Beck trifecta triple crown.

He likened his dislike of the correspondents’ event it to his harsh criticism of the movie Noah, saying that people in the film industry now fear his disapproval. The movie was a box office success.

Glenn, we guarantee that when Hollywood thinks of you, it is not with fear. It is with laughter mixed with incredulous dismay at the whole rape-Holocaust thing. But you just keep telling yourself you matter, big guy.

[Right Wing Watch]


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