Glenn Beck: 'There Will Be No Interruption Between You and I'

Glenn Beck: 'There Will Be No Interruption Between You and I'

As they sat together around their radios stunned, Glenn Beck's triumphant voice emerged from the bunker todeliver a speech about perseverance to his people. He is not dead. You cannot kill the spirit of Glenn Beck. As long as you keep hope, Glenn Beck with be there with you. He will be there in the harsh wind that brushes across your face. He will be there in the pile of dog crap you step on in the park your scooter drives through in the Walmart parking lot. And he will be there in the flowering trees of a new spring, watching over you and protecting your family from getting health care. "If I’m not ready with the things that I’m going to be launching, I will tell you that I will have the bridge and you and I will meet still every day at," he said. It may be dangerous to go to that bridge. But you must go. You must go with Glenn. You must go to Terabithia.

“I won’t charge you anything.”

“I will meet with you every day to make sure you see the things that you see the things that you need to see. But we’re also going to be doing things, looking for different audiences, younger audiences, comedy audiences as well. Everyone who thought that they had corralled us in one little space, better look out.”

What is this comedy and who are these "young" audiences Glenn speaks of? Where is this mystical world where "young" people exist?

“Sometimes I want to spend more money and some of the Fox people who work on the show have been paid by me, the research that we do. Much of it, I paid for myself. If anybody thinks I got rich off Fox News, you’re out of your mind. I spent a lot of money on that show because I believed what I was saying.”

So Glenn the faithful piper will set up something where you can donate. He only makes what, $30 million a year? He needs our help! No rebel can live on that kind of money, even one as resourceful as him. No wonder he has to use chalkboards.

But make no bones about it. While we will need Glenn's voice to lead us in these dark times as we set up a clandestine democracy to take on the upcoming caliphate, we owe so much to Roger Ailes and Fox for keeping this country propped up for this long. Without them, we wouldn't have gotten the crucial window in history we needed for Glenn to get his message out.

"I know who Roger Ailes is. Roger Ailes is the guy if we don’t have Roger Ailes we probably wouldn’t have had Ronald Reagan as a President. So I honor his service to his country. He’s a businessman. That’s what he does. He’s done an amazing thing for our country. I don’t know honestly if we would survive as a country. I don’t know if we would still be the United States of America if it wasn’t for Fox News and Roger Ailes.”

See you on the other side of that bridge, comrades. [Glenn Beck]


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