Go Back To Rowayton

* Nancy Pelosi continues to do a stellar job as a Speaker of the House. [NYT]

* Stupid won't suffice when the requirement is stupid and crazy. [WP]

* At some point between days 1 and 2 of this hearing, Mr. AG Pick got something of a talking to. [WP]

* Last time Rudy ran against Hillary she whooped him so bad he got cancer. [Politico]

* Democrats remember why they people only like them to the tune of 11%. [The Hill]

* Hillary has found some magic that turns baby turtles, buckets of fish and fruit we've never seen before into oodles of campaign cash. [LAT]

* Joe Lieberman wants to know how a Mexican with TB crossed the border 76 times, we want to know how an asshole from Connecticut keeps ending up back in the Senate. [WT]


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