The Dark Tower.

Oh look, a whole church exploded in "downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin" on Wednesday. Why is God (or the Devil) so angry at America, and so pissed at Wisconsin, in particular? The answers may surprise you, as will a lot more spooky pictures of this terrible disaster, after the jump.

Never Forget.

What actually happened is that a demon backhoe ruptured a natural gas line behind the church, and it exploded. It is not funny because seven people were injured. Also, two houses were basically destroyed. The church owned the houses and rented them to some people who no longer have homes.

Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.

But let us not mince words: This is a scary and evil looking church. It even has Demonic Eyes and a big monster-ghoul mouth. You can't just leave stuff like this sitting around in your town, because eventually it will do something horrible. Read your Lovecraft, people.

History, indeed, was all I had after everything else ended in mocking Satanism.

"The church is gone," said Waukesha County Board Supervisor Kenneth Herro. "There is nothing left of it."

And then the ghastly tower shook itself from the cold confines of the dead Earth and stomped away, a hideous siren roar belching from its smoking mouth hole, as Mark Penn danced gayly in the gloomy haze, dressed in a "sexy devil" Halloween costume, the end.


Photos by Associated Press.

Explosion destroys church near Milwaukee [Hudson Star-Observer]


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